Monday, April 23, 2012

Lead Generation

b2b lead generation

Generating website traffic is only half the battle.

Businesses need to take what they understand of their ideal customer and develop  premium offers. These move potential customers deeper in the sales funnel.

This is done by offering premium offers, landing pages and call to action buttons on your website:
  • Where blogs are public-facing and available for all to digest, premium offers like webinars and e-book downloads are linked to from call-to-action buttons and require visitors to submit their email address on a landing page in order to retrieve or register.

  • When a visitor fills out the form to access this content, a lead is created. Businesses can then use what they know about that content, and their target prospect, to build out both an electronic and human follow-up process.
  • This is online lead generation at its simplest and most effective. For businesses seriously considering their website as a enabler of growth, the marketing efficiency behind these tactics is undeniable.
  • And from a sales perspective, leads generated from premium educational, customer-targeted content are hugely productive due to how clearly they convey a prospects needs.
Source: Hubspot


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